One Minute – XXXtentacion

Lời Nhạc Chuông One Minute - XXXtentacion:

I ain't feeling the age, no rottin' away
Your dolphins are dazed, you calling away
'Cause coffins is laid under a tombstone
'Cause even when you die, they still throwing rocks at your grave
So follow the wave, can't swallow the hate
My mind trumps anything that a scholar could say
Don't know how to behave, we rage out of the raves
Dislocate an arm, just pop it in place
'Cause the damned, they ain't it
All the pain and anguish
Turned me into a man
So I ain't complainin'
Now these things is changin'
No more lames is hanging
No more fame in famous
Ain't no shame in shaming

One Minute – XXXtentacion
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