Black Beatles – Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane

Nhạc chuông Black Beatles

Thể hiện: Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane

Thể loại: nhạc quốc tế

Lời nhạc chuông Black Beatles:

That girl is a real crowd pleaser
Small world, all her friends know me
Young bull livin’ like an old geezer
Quick release the cash, watch it fall slowly
Frat girls still tryna get even
Haters mad for whatever reason
Smoke in the air, binge drinkin’
They lose it when the DJ drops the needle

Gettin’ so cold I’m not blinkin’
What in the world was I thinkin’?
New day, new money to be made
There is nothing to explain
I’m a fucking black Beatle, cream seats in the Regal
Rocking John Lennon lenses like to see ’em spread eagle
Took a bitch to the club and let her party on the table
Screaming, “Everybody’s famous.”
Like clockwork, I blow it all
And get some more
Get you somebody that can do both
Black Beatles got the babes belly rolling
She think she love me
I think she trollin’

Black Beatles – Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane
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