My love – Không lời

Nhạc chuông: My love

Thể loại: nhạc không lời - guitar

Thể hiện: Đang cập nhật


Lời bài hát my love

[Nicky:] OK, Lads the last flights just been canceled.
[Kian:] Oh, My God.
[Mark:] What are you talking about?
[Shane:] Again?
[Mark:] Please tell me your joking.
[Shane:] That's the same old story.
[Brian:] Are you serious?
[Kian:] Lads if I could fly this plane meself, we're going home.
[Brian:] Look forget this. It'd be quicker walkin'. I'm going!
An empty street,
An empty house,
A whole inside my heart.
I'm all alone.
The rooms are getting smaller.
I wonder how,

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